Theresa DiNallo

My name is Theresa DiNallo. I am a personal Health & Life Coach.

It was May 2013, I was given the dreaded words, “you have invasive ductal carcinoma; breast cancer.” As with anyone given a diagnosis of cancer, my heart plummeted to an immediate point of despair. I was afraid, and felt very alone. All I knew was the standard of care being surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy, which scared me beyond belief. I soon came to realize that although I was afraid of cancer, I was more afraid of the treatments. I took this turn in my life as a moment of opportunity to research and educate myself on how the body heals.

Through extensive research, self-study, empowerment, and dedication, I made a decision going against the odds of traditional medicine. I decided to heal my body from cancer without surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, or pharmaceuticals. I told the doctor’s office to stop calling me. Yes, I was on an emotional roller coaster the first year, but as I continued to build my knowledge and self-study of the immune system, and the role of epigenetics, I became more and more empowered each day. My fears subsided as I learned how the body heals when given the right conditions. Today, I feel better than I ever have with renewed energy and an entirely new respect of food, health, my body, and longevity.

For 25 years, I worked for Corporate America, but made a turning point to pursue my dream of helping others as I have been able to help myself and my family. I understand what women and men are going through when diagnosed with cancer. I understand the affects mental health of a loved one has on the family and how it can rip families apart. No one should have to go through this.

As a Health and Life Coach, I spend my time coaching, educating, and transforming individuals who are ready to make a change to identify their true potential of health freedom. I introduce clients to the power which lies within each of us – the immune system. I hold my clients to a high degree of accountability, emphasizing the importance of sustainable foods in exchange for a sustainable body. It is my desire to educate as many men, women, and children on the powerful effects of nutrition. You are capable, and the power is within YOU, just as it was within me and my daughter.

Blessings to your health,

Theresa DiNallo


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