Theresa helped me to remain calm when facing a cancer diagnosis and make reasonable decisions for myself. I discovered that I had the power to heal myself. I added juicing, and a plant-based diet to my life, and expect these will prevent another cancer occurrence and maintain my health. I would rate my coaching experience as priceless. Theresa was the calm in the middle of my storm of fear of cancer. She supplied me with valuable information that hopefully will aid my health for years to come.

I found my coaching experience helpful to have structure, especially in the beginning of the process. Theresa is also very knowledgeable, supportive and responsive. She provided a wealth of information in a structured way, which was very helpful. I would give this a high mark for sure.

Theresa gave me guidance, knowledge and confidence that I can do this. Supplementation was my biggest change and learning more about cancer markers. I have more confidence after working with Theresa and realize I am solely responsible for my health.

I discovered more knowledge on alkalinity, detoxing, and continued education on holistic health. With Theresa’s coaching, she helped me understand how to test for PH, stay alkaline, how to detox effectively and safely, juicing, additional whole foods, delicious recipes, and more on smart supplementation. I have been able to test my PH in the am, added additional supplements, and partnered with Dr. Wolf on detoxing, and sustaining good mind/body/spirit health. These practices will help me sustain health for longevity and provide a good quality of life for me and my family. I would rate Theresa’s coaching as extraordinary! The best and most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to holistic health and cancer. The accredited, and valuable information provided was helpful to validate a lot of what I suspected to be true and have communicated to others like my husband but did not have the data to back me up. Theresa provided highly valuable and accredited information that is forever life changing to provide and sustain optimal health.

“Through coaching, I discovered I need to research food and medicines more and know that I can say no and make my own choices on medical decision and booster shots and things I do not always agree with. I learned how to stand up for myself and my beliefs more. Coaching also opened my eyes to a lot of things about processed foods and gave me a lot of knowledge about foods and how they work with the body. I would rate Theresa’s coaching a 10! Theresa makes you feel comfortable to talk to and her knowledge is beyond impressive. I do wish there was a program out there for people who would not be able to afford her services, as she works miracles with a lot of people by just educating them and letting them know how they can achieve health through what they eat.”

“Working with Theresa helped me pull all the information together which can be quite daunting and overwhelming at first. The most important thing Theresa did was give me hope and empower me. I discovered there are amazing people in the world who have been on the same journey as me and if they can heal – so can I. I learned a lot about how the human body works and how to give the body what it needs so that it can do its job. I would rate my coaching experience with Theresa very highly. I really enjoyed our weekly chats and looked forward to them.”

“Just when I was done with treatments and the doctor was telling me to take chemo pills because the 7 treatments he had already prescribed had not worked.
I decided enough is enough.
I called Theresa and she changed my life by positive attitude, amazing encyclopedia of information and loving caring support, (all of which I was missing for a year, going to doctors)
She made it very easy to follow her guidance on supplemental and dietary nutrition.
Even though I fell off the wagon many times, I felt the difference and the support was still there, gentle, matter of fact, and caring, throughout us working together.

I just wish before starting all the conventional treatments I would’ve given Theresa my total trust from the beginning.

But as Theresa would say: “don’t waste your energy on the past”
“It was all part of your journey of discovery” ️

Thank you for helping me heal! 🙂


“It’s incredible to see how my daughter is today compared to how she was 2 months ago. When your kid is suffering, and there’s nothing you can do, and you’re the Mom – it’s horrible! I couldn’t understand – I can’t even tell you the difference from where we were to where we are now. I’m in awe to see where my child is today, to where she was. The impact it had on her life is incredible! Theresa has been a lifesaver to my family.”

“I had an explosive disorder where it didn’t really matter what set me off. I got into really bad modes and became destructive. I was diagnosed with Misophobia and depression. It was a very rough experience. I was 8 years old when I was diagnosed and placed on medications. I was on a wide variety of medication through the years. I would be ok for a little while, but then things would get worse.

Through a mutual friend, I started working with Theresa in May. In a few short months, I found myself off Lexapro, Vyvance, and Neurotin, as my brain health improved. I used to cry a lot – but not anymore. I look back at how I used to feel, and now I have motivation to get out of bed and excited to be back in college. I have energy now. Before, I felt restricted, and pushed my friends away. I am finally able to rekindle my friendships, and I don’t get angry anymore.

Theresa was the only person who knew what I was going through. She gave me advice, guidance, and knowledge of how to get through and improve my health starting with what I am putting in my body. At one time, I didn’t see a future. Now I do. Thank you, Theresa.”

“Through Theresa, I learned that I have it within me to heal naturally, without the need for synthetic drugs.

Theresa gave me the knowledge and guidance to take control of my own health, by making the right food and healthcare choices to heal my messed up body. By choosing whole natural foods that have the nutrients my body needs in order to heal itself. Concentrated nutrients are the answer-which I knew nothing about. And I learned that insulin is also like a poison, like other synthetic drugs-preventing the body from healing naturally. I have such a long way to go yet before I have bragging rights of being healed. But I’m on the right track to reaching my goal, and have the knowledge necessary to obtain that.

I would not have reached this point of healing without Theresa.

“My family physician referred me to Theresa. I was seeking help with “healing from the cure” for throat cancer. Her extensive research and experience as a cancer survivor spared me a tremendous amount of data-gathering time and quickly broadened my knowledge base. She supplemented her coaching with helpful reference material (i.e. book titles, site links, suppliers, and recipes). Through those resources, I often find myself delving deeply into something we might have only discussed briefly and making life style changes as a result.

Through Theresa’s coaching, I confirmed that I am on the right path – continually questioning everything about healthcare in America, and follow Hippocrates’ philosophy on health – “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

I gladly added Theresa as a trusted member of my healthcare team and am grateful she chose to share her own health experiences, knowledge, and training professionally. Through nutritional coaching, anyone can become empowered to influence their own health rather than relying solely on America’s ailing traditional healthcare protocol.”

Due to past health scares I was emotionally suffering and living in fear. I would rate Theresa’s coaching a 10! From our first session, Theresa opened my eyes and gave me the guidance, knowledge and tools needed to make a complete health and lifestyle change. She shared and abundance of knowledge on specific nutrients I needed and directed me to the best sources to get it. From recommending supplements, ways to detox, juicing recipes, to mental health and the power of the mind. Thanks to Theresa, I feel in control of my health and have the tools to live the healthiest life possible.

I was seeing Theresa with a breast cancer diagnosis. Theresa has changed my life around! I thought I was eating healthy until I met Theresa. She educated me on how to read labels with ingredient and nutrients. She also introduced me to plant based eating, with juicing, supplements, etc. She sent me all info as to where I can purchase whatever I needed. She is just an amazing and beautiful soul.

I’m battling breast cancer for the third time! This time it has metastasized to the lymph node in my lung. The doctor told me there was no cure and I had 1-2 yrs (maybe 5) to live. This time I decided to take control of my life rather than letting the “doctors” take all the control. I reached out to an amazing Holistic Life Coach, Theresa DiNallo. Within 5 weeks of working with Theresa she transformed my life! She inspired me to fight! No cure was not an option but the power of prayer a good attitude and knowledge was powerful. She educated me on the causes of cancer and how to heal yourself! She put me on a plant based diet as well as vitamins and supplements. After 5 weeks of working with Theresa and only 1 chemotherapy treatment I had a CT scan that showed the lymph node was back to normal size. All me tumor markers are also within normal limits. I feel so blessed to have her in my life. My diagnosis is no longer a death sentence but a journey of learning, healing and living!!!

Breast calcifications were found and I saw Theresa when they were found. She went through step by step on ways to avoid cancer and minimize chances of getting cancer.
I have learned so much from Theresa. She had a plethora of ideas, articles, and knowledge on so many different things to feeling better. I learned about how many more things in our world are bad for you. She gave her knowledge on certain things but never made you feel bad if or wrong if you didn’t follow things to a T. I learned that the better you eat, the better you felt especially through juicing. Juicing gave me a burst of clarity and energy. I enjoyed meeting with Theresa weekly and looked forward to learning new information each week.

“THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I can’t say it enough. This program has been eye opening for me. I have learned so much about what I need to put into my body for a Healthy body vs what I was eating and the damage it caused. Theresa has given me the tools that I needed to go out and live a Healthy life. Theresa’s diligence to go out and research what is needed for different diseases is beyond what I could have done. Thank you for guiding me on supplements, food, and overall coaching on life. I feel very good about where I am headed, that is all because of you”

If you want to learn about natural cures and healthy eating, Theresa is a wealth of knowledge!! You will be in awe over her level of expertise and conviction, and her genuine and very caring nature!! And, she presents information in a very easy-to-understand manner, all backed by tons of research and reading she has done to bring her to this level. She’s an outstanding resource!!

Theresa, I want to congratulate you on your new venture into a new career. God has guided you to this point in your life and I have no doubt He will continue to do so. You have touched so many people’s lives, including mine. I will be forever grateful to you for your guidance and friendship. You are an incredible person, Theresa! God Bless, David

I did the work and I got the results. Theresa is a wonderful support system to have. It is so refreshing to have someone who genuinely cares about you. She promised me that in a few months that I would notice a huge change and she was absolutely right. I am so glad that she is here to help others on their journeys whatever they may be.

My coach was sincere, relatable, knowledgeable, optimistic, dedicated, available, organized, understanding. She was very attentive and present during our sessions. She always offered more information than I could integrate. She followed up on every session with responses and research. She was prepared and warm-hearted. She believes wholeheartedly in what she offers. She shares laughter and encouragement. The only improvement that I can recommend relates to the space that she is currently using and she is already working to make improvements. I had a very positive experience working with Theresa! I have gained insight and appreciation that will last throughout my life. I have and will continue to refer people to her.

I hope you know I could not have done what I did without our talks Theresa. Oncologist had other ideas and my GYN had the same as him. All I asked her was give me sometime and trust me and I will make it happen. She was reluctant but said okay. On the right track and doc now believes me.
Thank you Theresa DiNallo! You helped me put my thyroid back in a line. Thank you for those talks and support. It took 2 years but I did it and my hair shows it and more! 😊❤️ I had to put the work in and I am still on it.

A New Journey Begun

So here I am, 52 years old, married with 2.5 kids and one Golden Retriever.  I have struggled with my weight to some extent a good portion of my life, and later on with other health issues.  Now and then I would have some success with dieting, but nothing that I could maintain.  Having surrendered in my battle against Ulcerative Colitis ten years ago by giving up the offending body parts, I moved on and hoped for a healthier life.  But the Prednisone that I was on for the Colitis had kicked off my struggle with Diabetes.  Weight gain returned and along with it – elevated blood pressure. Read more

I was not dealing with a serious health condition, but working with Theresa helped me get back on track with my nutrition, my energy levels and helped me jump start my weight loss (have lost about 8 of 18 pounds so far). I also wanted to better manage my anxiety levels, which I feel this program has helped me do. I felt Theresa provided a lot of really good information about supplements and plant-based food choices. I also enjoyed all her handouts and hearing her own personal experiences with diet change and how it changed her whole life etc. I’ve learned how important it is to give my body the best quality foods and nutrients I am able to, and how important it is to treat my body as my vessel/temple and to provide it with everything it needs, because if I can do that, my body then, in turn, takes care of me. I think Theresa is very knowledgeable and excellent at sharing information and encouraging change and cheering her clients on.

I was dealing with a serious health issue and I would not be well on the path of healthfulness without Theresa. My interaction with her as my coach was a great experience. I learned the philosophy of healthfulness through juicing and transitioning to a plant based lifestyle. By all means, if my medical situation and action taken with my coach’s assistance can help someone else, it’s the right thing to do.

I was seeing Theresa for a serious health condition, and had an absolutely positive coaching experience. Although I knew a lot about plant based eating, Theresa provided me with links for recipes that helped with the mundane of eating the same thing every day. In a very scary circumstance, Theresa has given me the confidence to forge forward. Without her guidance, I would have struggled. I have learned many things about my body as well as the cancer, how it functions and reacts. I do believe that the most benefits I received from Theresa is the necessity of supplements and her documentation on why those supplements work. These supplements were never suggested without supporting documentation. Thanks Theresa for all you have done for me.